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“INTERALCO” LLC was established on August 7, 2014 in the RA by “PJ Mardar International”. The company is engaged in the production of cognac spirit and cognac. The factory is located in the village Argeshat of Armavir region, where there are vineyards all around. Armenia with delicious and fragrant grape varieties, with centuries-old tradition of wine making, was elected by “PJ Mardar International” to deliver a new quality in the market. In order to improve the quality of products, the Company is working closely with the Spanish company ALTOSA Group, the French Maison A. Staub & Cie, the Georgian IBERICA SPIRITS LLC combining the advantages of the Armenian, French, Spanish, Georgian wine and brandy production.                       ALTOSA- Alcoholes de Tomelloso- www.altosa.es - Continuing with a long family tradition in distilling, Juan Antonio Lopez Ramirez founded the Altosa distilleries in Tomelloso in 1961. Bringing together traditional know-how and the most advanced techniques he went on to create the Sociedad International de Alcoholes, S.A., dedicated to the commercialization of different kinds of alcoholic spirits. Today both businesses occupy stragegic and unquestioned positions in the international market. They have however retained their family based  character, thus guaranteeing the continuity of a reputation based on the values of trust, quality and loyalty. Altosa has two distillery plants in Tomelloso. The first one is devoted to the distilling of wine for it’s transformation into high quality spirits. The second plant is mainly used for the resting and aging of their brandies and spirits in oak. The process is carried out in one of the largest caves in the world dedicated to such a purpose, where temperature and humidity conditions are exceptional all year round.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                MAISON Staub & Cie- www.staubcognac.fr  -The company was founded in 1858 by Mr. Auguste Staub, a Swiss from the county of Bern. Regularly on the road, he built up his business internationally, establishing steady-and long-lasting relationships with various countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.  Thanks to the quality of the company’s products and the energy of its promoter, Staub made a true name for itself, becoming a reference all over Europe. It even went on to win a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition held in Paris in 1889. During the last century, the company continued growing by marketing its Cognacs and liquors on all continents, concentrating particularly on Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, West Africa and Russia.  Today, Maison A. STAUB & CIE is one of the main developers and exporters of Brandies, and is still very active in the Cognac trade.

Harvesting of grapes

The basis of cognac is a grape. The correct choice of grape mainly determines the taste and aroma of cognac. Using for its production Van, Rkatsiteli, Kangun, Mskhali, Kakheti, Areni Mehrabuyr and other grape varieties, our company presents cognacs with rich aroma and taste at the market.

Squeeze, fermentation, distillation

Harvest of grapes is collected in October and then immediately starts the process of juicing. Traditionally for this purpose horizontal presses are used which do not break the fruit seeds. Grape juice is further sent for fermentation. During the fermentation no sugar or sulfur is added. Fermentation is an important process and it lasts for three weeks. The next step is the distillation of 9% strength and high acidity wine. “INTERALCO” LLC realizes distillation with distillers of Zohrabyan type. The middle fraction is taken from distillation, which with all its parameters corresponds to indicators specified in the regulations. The distillation is carried out in the company with the Armenian and French methods, which in its turn makes it possible to get an interesting bunch.


The alcohol to be called cognac must be stored in oak barrels for at least two years. Barrels for aging brandy are stored in the cellars. In the process of maturation brandy becomes darker, it acquires a golden sheen and saturates vanilla aroma of wood. During maturation through wood pores a significant portion of the alcohol steams, which the French call PART DES ANGES - “Angel’s share”. Our company carries out maturation in French oak barrels, which makes brandy get distinctive, delicate flavor and aroma tints.

Finished products

The company markets bottled cognac and cognac alcohol. Reflecting the centuries-old wine-growing roots, “INTERALCO” LLC produces brandy with biblical names - Japheth, Kartlos, Haos, Torgom. Biblical legend tells that when the waters of the Flood began to subside, Noah’s ark came to rest on Mount Ararat. The land on which the ancestor of mankind set foot after the giant disaster was Ararat Valley, spread out at the foot of Mount Ararat and fertile from flood sludge. Here Noah planted a garden and pressed wine. And even today the wine pressed from Ararat Valley is strong. According to the Bible Japheth was the youngest son of Noah. Japheth’s sons - Gamer, Magovg, Maday, Havan, Tobel, Mosok and Tiras are considered the fathers of a number of Indo-European peoples. Arab legend attributes 11 sons to Japheth, who became fathers of 11 Asian nations. The Armenian tradition considers Torgom – the youngest son of his eldest son - Gamer, to be the father of the Armenian progenitor Hayk (Haos) and the Georgian progenitor Kartlos.

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